Septic Pumping

Your septic tank should be pumped approximately once every three to five years for most residential households. The more the system is used, the more you’ll have to have it pumped. A professional septic pumper from All-American Septic Pumping & Services will be able to help you schedule according to your needs and situation.


How Does a Septic System Work? There are many types of septic systems today. The one form of maintenance they all require is regular pumping of the solid waste. Think of this service the same as having the oil & filter changed in your car or cleaning the ash from a wood-burning fireplace.

The septic tank functions as a filter for separating the liquids from the solids. As solids enter the tank they initially float on the top (scum layer) until they eventually break down and settle at the bottom of the tank (sludge).The water layer between the sludge and scum layer (effluent) is allowed to exit the tank with properly placed baffles at the top of the tank which blocks the scum layer. Failing to have your tank pumped regularly allows the sludge layer and the scum layer to build up to a point where the baffles become ineffective. Solids may then be forced out to the field and cause premature failure of your septic system.

If you are a new septic system owner and have no idea of prior maintenance; we always advise starting with septic pumping. Our licensed technicians will then give you recommendations for future maintenance.

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