Septic Repairs

Minor repairs can be made to your septic tank in order to prolong the use of your system. Here are the repair services the All-American Septic can provide: 

Inlet Pipe The inlet pipe directs the flow of wastewater into your septic tank, and prevents the scum layer in the tank from being disturbed. It also can help prevent solids and gasses from backing up toward the house preventing a septic system backup. 

Outlet Pipe The outlet baffle is also required, and is very important. It must be present for your system to function properly.The outlet baffle directs the flow of effluent from the tank to the drainfield; it prevents the scum layer from exiting straight into the outlet pipe and causing drainfield clogs and premature system failure.

Baffle Wall In most cases, baffles walls consist of concrete, and are built directly into the side of the tank. Homeowners must understand that baffles tend to become damaged and worn as time goes on. A worn, cracked, or missing baffle reduces the effectiveness of your septic system, while greatly increasing the risk of clogs and other problems.

Lid Replacement Over time, the gasses and breaking of the seal, deteriorate the septic tank lids. Lids can also be damaged during removal due to age or cracking. This is generally not an issue with heavy duty riser lids.

Riser Installation Bringing your septic tank lids to be within 6 inches, which is current code, of the surface not only makes locating and uncovering your tank easier, it saves the homeowner the time of digging up the lids or the cost of paying us to do it. 

Our professional technicians are qualified to perform these repairs. We happily inspect all of the tank components at the time of pumping. Keeping your tank operational for as long as possible is our goal!